What is Three Sister’s Gourmet Shaved Ice?
Three Sisters Gourmet Shaved Ice is a refreshing cool treat that is made with finely shaved ice and delicious gourmet home-made flavors. The Three Sister’s brand was created in 2004 when the first Three Sister’s location was opened in Lawrenceville, GA.  Since 2015 we have grown to become a full service  restaurant serving delicious southern breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items.  We also sell boiled crawfish, crab, and shrimp from the months of January thru June.
What is Shaved Ice?
Unlike a snow cone, shaved ice is not ground ice. Instead it is light, fluffy snow. The resulting product literally melts in your mouth. Our ice shavers shave the ice so fine that the flavor is absorbed into the ice, rather than settling to the bottom of the cup.
Nutritional FAQs
Your flavors taste better than other flavors why?
Three Sister’s means quality. When you purchase a Three Sister’s product you will always receive a product that is made from the finest ingredients. Our passion for quality drives us to go to great lengths to make sure our flavors taste better than the competition. To do this we purchase our ingredients from many different ingredient suppliers around the world.
How many calories are in Three Sisters Gourmet Shaved Ice?
The calories in each serving depends on the serving size and also the amount of flavor used on each serving. A 12 ounce Three Sister’s, flavored with our normal flavors, has approximately 220 calories, about the same as a 12 ounce glass of most fruit juices. A 12 ounce Three Sister’s flavored with Sugar Free Flavor has approximately 0 calories.
Can Three Sister’s be part of a healthy diet?
Three Sister’s can contribute to your diet in two ways. Because shaved ice is predominantly water it can help quench the thirst and meet the bodies need for water.
Should I be concerned about the amount of sugar or calories in Three Sister’s Gourmet Shaved Ice?
It would surprise you to know that the amount of sugar and calories in Three Sister’s is about the same as many fruit juices and soft drinks. For example: a 12oz. Serving of Three Sister’s contains no more sugar and calories than a 12 ounce serving of most fruit juices. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA), the U.S. Surgeon General, The American Dietetic Association and the National Academy of Sciences, sugar is safe, except for the link to tooth decay. And with tooth decay, the length of time sugar, or any carbohydrate (such as rice or potato), remains in contact with the teeth is more important than the amount of sugar. Since shaved ice is mostly water it passes quickly through the mouth and does not stick to teeth. Sugar does not cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes or obesity. People gain weight when they consume more calories than they expend. Sugar does provide calories (4 per gram) and protein provide the same amount. Other caloric sources, namely fat and alcohol, provide many more calories per gram than sugar does. Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram and fat provides more than twice as many as sugar with 9 calories per gram.
Does sugar make children hyperactive?
Definitely not. Sugar does provide energy to the body; however, making energy available by eating something sweet is not the same as causing someone to be active and excited. The concern that sugar makes children hyperactive originated in the mid-seventies and was based on anecdotal observations by parents and teachers. A parent would see his child eat cake and drink fruit punch at a party, for example, and then notice an increase in activity. The natural tendency was to link the hyperactive behavior to what the child consumed and to disregard other factors that may have played a role. However, well designed studies that control for these other factors have shown that there is no association between sugar consumption and hyperactive behavior. In fact, after reviewing research in this area, the FDA, the U.S. Surgeon General, The American Dietetic Association and the National Academy of Sciences have failed to find substantive evidence to prove a cause-and-effect relationship between sugar consumption and hyperactivity.
Three Sister’s SLIM (Sugar Free) Flavors are sweetened with Splenda.
Splenda is a no Calorie Sweetener that is made from sugar so it tastes like sugar.  Splenda no calorie sweetener measures, sweetens and pours cup for cup just like sugar.  Now the whole family can enjoy great taste without all the calories.
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